You can join me in checking out this new song from Talib.

Talib Kweli f/ Jessica Care Moore – “Fly Away” | New Music from his project- “ATTACK THE BLOCK “

Thank you, Talib for always incorporating the souls of poets into your music.  I am rocking with this.


New Talib Kweli- Fly Away, Featuring Jessica Care Moore produced by Crada

talibkweli:  ”So I’m starting to get excited about this mix tape I did with the homie Z-Trip, Attack The Block. We will release it one week from today, but I want y’all to be as excited as I am so I am releasing another preview. There was a great response to To The Music last week, so I hope y’all enjoy this one as well..Shout out to Jessica Care Moore for the incredible poem at the end
And calling Attack The Block a mere mix tape is not doing it justice. These rappers these days put out anything and call it a mix tape. Not me. Z-Trip is a true master. This is a mix tape you can put on in any situation and let rock. Get ready for cutting, scratching, and thoughtfulness on a mix tape. Attack The Block. 9-12.”