Thousands raised to help BK hammer attack victim, in recovery


Dru was attacked on the street by a stranger with a hammer at 10:00 AM the morning of 07/11 in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. It’s a miracle that Dru is alive, and even more so that there’s no brain damage at all. But there’s bad news as well. Although his right eye is in perfect shape, Dru is going to lose his left eye. The damage was too severe to repair
Dru will need multiple operations to repair the damage to his eye socket and to prep the eye socket for a prosthesis.

Please help cover Dru’s recovery and living costs while he heals from this terrible crime. I have donated myself and I am providing the link for you to donate:

They have raised 24k of the 25k goal so far! Let us keep it going.


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