Talib Kweli Announces Straight-to-Fan Distribution For Sixth Studio Album, ‘Gravitas’

Talib-Kweli-Announces-GravitasRecently, Talib Kweli publicly thanked the team over at Duck Down Records for teaching him some of the ropes of the indie music game, and now we know why.

The always-on-tour artist has a slew of show dates listed on his website, but that doesn’t stop the creative process . Talib recently revealed the cover art and title of his sixth (and arguably most independent) studio album.

Entitled ‘Gravitas‘ the album is being distributed by Talib himself sans labels or other corporate entities. The direct-to-consumer website, KweliClub.com serves as the storefront and fan connection for Kwe’s latest venture, with tour dates and merchandise separately available on TalibKweli.com Peep the cover art and feel free to pre-order the forthcoming album via Kweli Club. In a series of recent tweets, Talib described his reasons for leaving the ‘wild west’ of labels and corporate distribution behind while embarking on his new experiment.




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