Pete Rock and Smif-n-Wessun’s fans were brutally beaten by the NYPD last night.

Pete [+ Tek and Steele ] had their “Monumental” album release event at Tammay Hall Last night.  The same Tammany Hall NYC where I held a peaceful coat drive event with Cormega and Large Professor in February. 

But now it’s June.

The cops are out every night scouring parties.  Toward the end of the night, the police entered and maced the people in the club, deciding that it was time for event to end.  We’re talking about the event for an artist who just did a benefit song for Haiti.  These are peaceful artists/activists releasing their music but-

The cops proceeded to do what you see in the video. Beat people.  If you were there, follow Suebee’s advice and report your complaint.

According to Cynical, her friend’s wife was beaten so badly she ended up in the hospital.

Should any of you be ready to Do Something Different please let me know by emailing me with the subject line “I’m Ready.”  For example.. I bet Kraff is Ready after the cops did this to him.  This will be a long summer.  Perhaps we can Do Something Different.

I’m ready.  Cynical is ready.  Lamar is ready.

Are you ready?