Paid In Full is based on a true story.

Missing Boy: Drug Trade Hits Again

Published: January 06, 1990

The morning of Dec. 5, 12-year-old William Porter left his crowded railroad apartment on 132d Street in Harlem, walked down the dirty stairs, past the rotting sofa filled with garbage in the front of his building, and started off to school.

Somewhere along the four-block walk to Public School 92, William was kidnapped, the police said, and for 48 hours his abductors tried to extort as much as $500,000 from William’s oldest brother, Richard, a 25-year-old flashy dresser whom the police described as a middle-level crack dealer.

During the second day of the ordeal, the kidnappers cut off the boy’s right index finger and left it with a minute-long tape of the child pleading for the family to pay the ransom…

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