On Wed April 3rd, ChevonMedia & 2’12” present the 1Plus1Plus1 Art Show featuring KlashWon, a Brooklyn based artist who combines everyday life experience with iconic cultural figures, Sam Woolley, whose work explores the dark underbelly of fame and family and TTK, a jaunty, curatorial force whose surreal, colorful paintings bend reality to the will of an active imagination.

The show will run throughout April with art, shirts, prints and other limited run items available for purchase.

White Rabbit is a Lower East Side gallery space in New York City, complete with a full bar and kitchen, serving Latin and Asian small plates nightly. The opening begins at 7:00 P.M. with conversations about the paintings and will turn into a musical celebration of the artists and their work as the night progresses. Guests can RSVP to ArtByTTK@gmail.com.

1Plus1Plus1 Event on Facebook:

White Rabbit is at:
145 E. Houston Street between 1st and 2nd avenues, NYC.