New Startup Zady Challenges Your Notion of ‘Work Life Balance’

A former colleague named Soraya Darabi has co-launched a new way to be responsible about the origins of the products people choose to buy. Today, I received a Zady letter in my inbox.  It struck a chord with what I am hearing from young people in the work force, so I am sharing the Zady post with you!  Read on.

"Work-Life Integration" on #Zady #Features #Stories

While we can all agree that it’s an important issue to address in the modern life, we can’t even agree upon best practices. Does a true work-life balance exist? Is it possible to scale? Does it rely upon being in a certain field, or socioeconomic bracket, or region? Should we simply give up and accept that work and family will always be in conflict with each other?

Or, are we looking at the entire issue through the wrong lens? Perhaps the only way to reconcile a question that seemingly has no answer is to reframe the question. In other words, should we be focusing on this concept we’ve dubbed “work-life balance” at all? Does the answer lie in creating a new paradigm?

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