I stopped by LPR to hand something to DJ Akalepse the other evening. 

Girls  were there dancing and enjoying themselves while Lepse and guest Boogie Blind handled the mixing. 

Toward the end of the night some of the ladies showed keen interest in how the djs were mixing music that seemingly wouldn’t blend to a layman. (like soul to techno with a seamless transition).  Etc. 

So they just walked up to the booth and began to egg the DJs on.


(the most disrespectful sh*t is at 1:24 and again at 1:38 )

These women are jostling me out the way to film and take pics. I mean .. I wanted a pic too. This was superfun. And smh at Break Beat Lou who was in attendance and stood by. Yeah he stood there watching as Blind and Akalepse disrespected every wack DJ you ever saw. LOL!!

Let no one say the women in a crowd don’t have sway with a DJ because these two guys SHOWED OFF!! 

hope you enjoy the vid I know it was dark in the room;0) but the ladies didn’t seem to mind the dim lights if you follow my meaning///