Found and re-posted My first interview with the emcee J.Nolan.  It’s from back in 2008 when I had a music and lifestyle blog called SoUrban.

Chevon sat down to get the scoop on the life and times of one J.Nolan, whose [FRESH PRODUCE] mixtape is a solid gold representation of the fine art of lyricism. Read on for the deets. 


What did you have for breakfast (or lunch) today?

I normally don’t eat breakfast, but for lunch I had some grilled hotdogs and hamburgers. Courtesy of my dad.

If you had to take one CD on a desert island- which one would it be?

That’s a tough one, lol. I would have to say whatever my latest material is. As of today, it would be “Fresh Produce” by J.Nolan…me.

When you stop and think about it, how do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I’d like to be thanking and patting myself on the back for all the hard work that created success. I’d only be 29 so I’d definitely like to be one of the iconic figures in pop culture. Platinum records and all that jazz. The main focus is to obtain a wealthy situation for my family and to create opportunites for myself and others.

Who do you consider your peers (in the game) to be?

There’s not too many people that I can call peers as of now. I have Manifest, which is the group I’m in. That consists of me, my cousin Yung B Da Producer, and my best friend Osiris>The Prophet. I function as a solo artist due to circumstances that I won’t speak on.

Outside of them there’s Concept, FreshBoy Spit, LowKey Riez, and Young Ramadan. We all went to high school together so there’s a sense of comradery between us. I think the door is open for us all. The newest additions would be D.Jae Roots and all of the producers that I work with.

What is your earliest memory of hip hop?

My introduction to hip-hop was through MC Hammer and Kris Kross. They were the first artists that I knew by name and song. I was only like 3 or 4 years old.

Have you ever performed with a live band? If not- would you consider it?

Performing with a live band is on my to-do list. The energy is just so authentic and real. I’m a drum fanatic even though I can’t play. Real instruments can’t be duplicated.

Describe a typical day in the life of J. Nolan.

My average day is kind of corny, to be honest. My core audience is on myspace so I’m on there virtually all day. The internet is so important now. I’m on a bunch of sites throughout the day referring people to my myspace page. I treat it like an office job that I run from home. lol

How do you perfect your flow?

The perfection of flow is impossible. However, I do write as much as possible to make sure that I’m putting out the best work possible out to the people. I listen to certain artists that keep me excited about hip-hop and try to outdo them somehow.

What is your Educational history/background?

I never really had plans to go to college. I graduated high school and went into pursuing the dream. I’ve been out of school for a full year now. I like to think that I’m exceptionally intelligent though.

How influential is soul music to you?

Soul music is a huge influence. Its more influential than hip-hop to me, personally. The samples in my music play just as big of a role as my lyrics because they convey feelings that determine what I have to say. Soul music was never just about one thing or something that could be put into a box. The messages were reflections of life in the truest form. I try to make sure that I incorporate those elements into my music.

Do you have another talent (besides writing) that your fans find surprising or humorous?

Like anyone else, I’m into sports and I have a sense of humor. I’m not one of those “rappers” that’s programmed into being tough as an image. I watch cartoons from time to time and I’m a serious bowler. I’ve been bowling for 12 years now. People are shocked by that.

Describe your family background.

My family is widely separated. Everyone gets along from a distance, but I’ve never really had the family-oriented household that some people did. I lived with my mother all my life and I was with my dad on weekends and holidays. I’ve never lived with my siblings because we have different moms. I feel like my future success will bring everyone closer together.

What can you tell us about your [Fresh Produce] mixtape?

[Fresh Produce] has been in the works since January. I had been accepting beats from various producers and didn’t even have a place to record the songs at. D.Jae Roots and I linked up in March and began recording in April. I had a few different titles for the mixtape and chose [Fresh Produce] right before I met Roots. Its basically the seed I planted to begin my career as a full-time recording artist. I did two songs with Concept on the mixtape. Besides that, there are no other guest appearances. D.Jae Roots’ brother Yung Block did some additional vocals for the hook on “Price Check.” The main producers are Flawless Tracks and Kev The Sureshot. Two of the more popular songs from the tape were produced by Epic Instrumentals. He did the tracks for “Saturday Night Fever” and “Will Not Lose”. I think this mixtape will introduce me to a bigger audience now that I’ve caught the ear a few more people’s attention.

To wrap it up, why don’t you tell us- what’s next for J.Nolan?

My current project will be used to build up a buzz for my next mixtape. I’m thinking about calling it “The Non-Smoking Session” but its not final. That should be out towards the end of 2008. For now, enjoy [Fresh Produce]. Its 17 songs of good, wholesome hip-hop music. I’ll have to see where God leads me for the next movement. Keep your eyes open for me, it may come sooner than you think. Hopefully it will lead to me beginning work for my first album.