If Cormega’s “blogger care package” is any indication, he does indeed have more albums than just “Born & Raised” (which was the only album I had of his so far).

Meanwhile he has a new one coming out titled “Cormega Raw Forever” (artwork in the banner below).  So I guess I have until its release date (Sept 27, 2011) to digest this catalogue of work!!

.. my older brother is the only reason I know Cormega’s music at all (he used to play it for me, but I didn’t vibe with it as a kid).

I really like the born & raised album but apparently I need to catch up!

This package came with other stuff ( related to the anniversary of his album “The Realness”).

Though it’s fun doing charity events with Cormega, I really wasn’t familiar with All the other music so now I can finally hear what he’s done.

I’ll check it out, One album a time over the next few weeks .. Let’s see what sticks to my ribs !

P.S. The care package came in Hot Pink packaging. HaHa.. CoolPoints awarded for using the #ChevyEnergyColor to make me want to open it.  

Stay tuned for more from the chevy-mega listening project for sure 😉