Celebrating Malcolm X’s Birthday in Harlem | May 19, 2012.

It was a pleasure chatting with and buying goods from black business owners and sole proprietors uptown.  I usually do it in BK but sometimes you gotta take the A train.

Visiting Black-Owned Hue-Man book store in Harlem

Co-Owner Kenneth Allen showed me a book he thought I’d love.. one about hip hop of course!

Joy Abbensetts was so much more than meets the eye!  I guess you never know what a vendor *really* does for a living in addition to street-side retail.

Her Avon site is http://www.YourAvon.com/Yabbensetts

I had a smashing time uptown and left with a book for my niece, jewelry, natural oils, and a copy of the new book Panther Baby for myself!   Next year (May 19. 2013) Celebrate Malcolm’s birthday and let me know what was fun.