About Chevon

As a child growing up in a suburb of New York, I could be heard complaining to my family. “Why don’t we all have expensive cars like the other people in town?” The next week, my grandmother took me on a trip to the South Bronx to see how some old family friends were faring and how their children lived. I received my grandma’s message loud and clear! I ceased complaining. I began writing a newsletter for the neighborhood, which I delivered by hand each month. It talked about positive things going on in the lives of the neighbors on the block, volunteer opportunities and community events.

My grandmother ran her own interior decorating business and was responsible for scouting, purchasing, restoring and decorating numerous suburban homes with gorgeous antique furnishings. I spent hours in her store. As I watched her design I asked why people paid her to help them decorate their homes. Couldn’t they do it themselves? She told me that savvy people often hire someone who can help them reach their goals. She promised to take me to her next meeting with a client.

One Saturday morning, my grandmother took me to meet a special client. To my surprise, we pulled up to a gorgeous home of actress and philanthropist Ruby Dee. If Ruby Dee hired and respects my grandmother’s talent at home (and my grandmother respects and pays for Ruby’s talent at the movie theater), then yes- every one has a talent to provide and should do so.

As a talented problem solver with a can-do attitude, I advise people at the nexus of community, technology and culture. People contact me for consulting on issues including marketing communications, branding, public relations, website design, event programming, wellness, family, friendships, career, confidence- a plethora of areas in which I can assist them in gaining clarity, defining their next steps and identifying real-life resources they can use.

To those reading this, I say: cheers to your talents and to the goals I can help you achieve.

All the best,