9.22 HonorSociety & AARON Camper reunite for Project Hygiene “A Night To Give Back” @HowardTheatre

Project Hygiene™ is an initiative developed to give a hand to underprivileged adolescents and teens, promoting health & wellness, as well as denouncing bullying. Every Project Hygiene event serves as a hygiene product drive and fundraiser with donations going to various 501(c) 3 organizations. Established in five (5) major US markets, Project Hygiene produces a series of programs that features live music, live performances, speakers and educators. The event was created as a unique opportunity to put a spotlight on the importance of good hygiene and how poor hygiene can affect young people, often resulting in bullying.

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TICKETS at: http://thehowardtheatre.com/show/2013/09/22/honor-society-aaron-camper-ben-oneill-and-marlee-in-the-mixx/#sthash.azyAnlI9.dpuf

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