White Rabbit, hosted the opening reception for the 1Plus1Plus1 art show featuring works by artists TTK, Klashwon, and Sam Woolley. A good amount of the artwork was hip hop themed and/or had references to the 80′s. Some surprise guests appearances at the art show opening ceremony included Big Daddy Kane, Large Professor and Meyhem Lauren.

DJ TJ Mizell [son of Run DMC’s own Jam Master Jay] played nostalgic music from the 80′s and 90′s to create an overall nice balance of retro themed art and music. You can catch TJ live on Beatminerz Radio this week, spinning a popup DJ set in honor of the continuing art show, and spilling the beans on what went on behind scenes at the opening.

If you are looking to purchase art, the price range of all of the pieces was anywhere between $350-$1500+.  There is also merchandise like original pins, magnets, stickers (and the Olympic Storm Trooper T-shirt TTK has on under his blazer in the photos below) all for sale here via ArtByTTK@gmail.com.

If you are a visitor or a resident of NYC, you will appreciate everything this exhibit is about. It definitely represents NYC culture. The pieces will be on view at White Rabbit, 145 E. Houston Street until April 30th. Check out the pics below [courtesy of Kenny Rodriguez and 12 Oz Prophet’s Steven Lau].”

The crowd was jam-packed with the fabulous and fly, and the art is up until April 30th. Take this time to gear up properly for the Closing Ceremony– set to take place on SUNDAY, April 28th at White Rabbit. Look good, feel good, view some great art. See you there.

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