“I hired Chevon as part of the Community Management Consultancy at SelectMinds. I was impressed with her ability to quickly learn our application. Chevon is a creative dynamo, consistently offering cutting-edge, actionable ideas both internally and to clients.”

-Irene Starygina | Salesforce.com

“Chevon was the Community Manager for our company’s alumni network. She came through every month with new content and creative ways to attract membership to the community, as well as developing engagement strategies. I learned a great deal working with Chevon! It was always a pleasure.”

-Richard Stoehr | ADP

“I met Chevon online. She was so active with her support of my projects that she was hard to miss. I could always count on her to help spread the word about whatever I was working on. This initial online meeting led to a true friendship. Over the years, I have watched her grow into someone who truly recognizes her power to change her surroundings.”

-Talib Kweli | Recording Artist

“I had the pleasure of working with Chevon at SelectMinds.  I was struck by her creativity, work ethic and poise. Whether it is a project that calls for autonomous self-management or team collaboration, Chevon handles her work with humor and an unparalleled dedication.

-Violet Lumani | Dell Field Marketing

“Chevon is very clever when it comes to social networking and marketing, both in the digital sense and in the real world. She’s smart, witty, and an absolute joy to work with. I could list a dozen more favorable descriptors, but I’ll save you the time and get straight to the point: if you have the chance to hire her, don’t hesitate.”

-Randy Elles | Art Director

“Chevon is one of the best in the business. I had the pleasure of being her client as my company implemented the Percolate software for our social media efforts. Chevon constantly brought smart, creative and strategic social marketing ideas to the table during training, implementation and beyond. She has a passion for and knowledge of social media marketing that is unmatched and inspired me in our work together.”

-Abby Despins | Wisconsin Milk Board

“I had the pleasure of working with Chevon during my firm’s revamp and subsequent re-launch of its alumni site. Throughout the process, Chevon provided creative and novel ideas for community outreach as well as developed the infrastructure to regularly conduct such outreach. She was pleasant to work with and extremely knowledgeable about her craft.”

-Trina diNapoli | Latham & Watkins LLP

“I worked with Chevon to onboard Percolate at Schreiber. Her extensive knowledge of not only the tool itself, but also the digital and social media landscape ensured a successful launch and guided users through the process. She’s very responsive, collaborative and provides innovative ideas to clients. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chevon and would recommend her to any organization seeking an expert in content marketing and more.”

-Alyssa Haak | Thompson Reuters

“Chevon was a pleasure to have on our international team helping manage a key global client in the finance sector. Chevon went above and beyond what was required and was incredibly efficient and diligent in her support to our client. There was nothing to hard or difficult for Chevon, and she approached any hurdle with confidence and calmness. ”

-Roxanne Vickerman | Percolate