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The soldout hip hop cartoon book ‘See What I’m Sayin’ by TTK is BACK in stock

Excited to announce we have special holiday copies of the sold out coffee table book: #SeeWhatImSayin by TTK [@GOTTKGO]. Please get yours now if you’re planning to give it as a #holiday #gift to the #Jordan head, #comics lover, or #HipHop / #rap fan in your life.
We are receiving orders from all over the country and don’t want to run out. Thank you all for keeping this out of stock. Grab what we have for the holiday by emailing


Ricky Powell Interviews TTK

Check out this new interview in which our very own painter & record collector is featured. Click to view on Frank151: 


Occupy Wall St. ft/ Talib Kweli, Res + Blacksmith fam – in support of OCCUPY WALL STREET.  October 2011.  1st Vid- Talib speaks to the people. 2nd vid- Talib’s rhyme for occupy wall street plus a bonus freestyle by demand from the crowd.   3rd vid— Res and Kendra Ross describe the scene and the movement!

Talib Kweli at Occupy Wall Street from Eddie Pages on Vimeo.


Monsta Mondays and da G Spot welcome Cormega to Beatminerz Radio to discuss his latest release, Cormega- Raw Forever a compilation of rhymes over the sounds of a live band, as well as recorded work. To watch the interviewClick here »

Or if you have flash, you can view the interview video below.

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You can follow @realcormega @Beatminerz @_Rockness_ @GPosGPos @PearlHarba for more fun online and on-air.

For details on Cormega’s new release, check the wrap up below.

Cormega: Raw Forever to be released September 27th.  The double disc set features a collection of Cormega’s classics as selected by fans and a companion disc featuring a live band, The Revelations (of Wu-Tang’s Chamber Music and Legendary Weapons fame) whose remixes bring a new live sound and instrumentation to some of Mega’s classics.

The music on the second disc, Cormega X Revelation, is a mixture of original songs and Cormega classics remixed and reinterpreted by The Revelations Band and features Lil Fame of M.O.P. and Baby Pun (Big Pun’s son); AZ and Nature; Blaq Poet, Tragedy Khadafi and Havoc; Red Alert, Parrish Smith, Grand Puba, KRS One & Big Daddy Kane.  

“The first time I worked with The Revelations was on the Wu Chamber Music project. The idea was really raw to me. I always had the curiosity of working with a live band, but what actually manifested our collaborations was seeing the audience’s response when we performed together at Santos [Party House in New York City] September 1, 2010. The response from the crowd was over-whelming!

It was incredible!” After the show, we recorded and leaked a remix of my song,  ‘Journey’ and it too got a lot of love, so I decided to take the experiment even further and see how it would sound if they redid some of my other songs and that’s how this project came about.” 

Youtube at:  &


QB Bizz and ChevonMedia on Muslims in Hip-Hop

QB Bizz is an event marketing and promotion professional who found Islam through music. Hear his story this 9/11/2011 and open your heart and mind to tolerance.


Sean Price for

Uploaded by NecktieRevolution on Sep 8, 2011 Sean P doesn’t like me (or anybody) much. He blocked me on twitter, reported me falsely as spam, refused to call me Chevon (instead he refers to me as “da god chevron”)… But if you give him a Lord Finesse flud watch , he might do a drop


The housing works team accepted the check and they told me to tell you all THANK You for all the coat drive donations and for those who attended the after party.. 100 percent of the proceeds from the door were given to housing works right along with hundreds of coats!

Read below for the original event info and be sure to scroll down to the bottom to check out the Rapture video created from the life footage from the benefit concert.

An unlikely group (including a retailer/creative agency team, an adult-content website owner, an East Village event maven and a Brooklyn-born Emcee) have come together to host a coat drive and concert benefiting, a not-for-profit group dedicated to helping people affected by the linked-crises of HIV/AIDS and homelessness.

Cormega Explains More About HousingWorks

Although it formally began on February 16th, the biggest day of the coat drive will be the final day, on February 23rd. This Wednesday, February 23rd, from 7pm-10pm, the community can donate warm outerwear at Coat of Arms (43 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002), where they’ll get free tickets to the after party, as well as free CDs, event-related t-shirts and other swag (including Frank books).

The in-store event will feature an art auction of Brian Kavanagh’s urban photography, food from East Village purveyor Lil Frankie’s, as well as music by the legendary Beatminerz.

The after party (hosted by the lusciously tatted-up LES personality Alexandra Estevez) will feature a performance by Cormega, backed by his live band The Revelations. We’re looking forward to a diverse crowd from skateboarders and models, to Hip-Hoppers and downtown tastemakers. When a group as diverse as ours comes together for a greater cause, you can only expect the turnout to be just as diverse as its organizers.