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Soul Food Junkies Film Tackles Our Sometimes Unhealthy Connection to Rich Survival Foods

SOUL FOOD JUNKIES – a Byron Hurt Film

I laughed and learned a lot during this film. Watch it with the family this January!

Filmmaker Byron Hurt looks at the past and future of soul food — from its roots in Western Africa, to its incarnation in the American South, to its presence in modern communities of color. 

Soul Food Junkies also looks at the socioeconomics of the modern American diet, and how the food industry profits from making calories cheap, but healthy options expensive and hard to find.


New Movie Stirs Up Weighty Debate About Soul Food, Sodas and Health

Filmmaker Byron Hurt has managed to make a documentary about how his soul-food-loving father died of pancreatic cancer and at the same time how America is battling obesity and weight-related diseases. “Soul Food Junkies,” a 65-minute journey through the origins of America’s love of fatty food, was prescreened this week at a theater at Lincoln Center in New York.

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