Roxanne Shante To Walk

for Diabetes after Diagnosis


Well as you know Diabetes is not new to our culture, back in the days it was called plain old Sugar. And even though I try to make you laugh about it , it is no laughing matter and I have found that out the hard way. Eating out ,not watching my diet and just plain old being lazy has caught up to me.

I have been diagnosed with Diabetes. I went to the Doctors not for that, but was actually wondering why my legs were going to sleep so fast, why I was thirsty all the time and well somethings I’ll keep to myself for now, but my number was 112.

So I decided to start this Page not only for me but for those who I maybe able to help, as well as those who maybe able to help me.

Let’s share diets, exercise tips and Even start Bi-annual events. I would love to do the first annual Type2sweet BBQ . Because yes babe I still love to eat.

So please join and I mean Join in talk , post, email, evite,invite,donate, share but most of all Care. So pass on the sugar because we are already Type2sweet. Sincerely Roxanne Shante 

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