My girlfriend took me to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture up in Harlem.  She thought I would enjoy Baratunde Thurston in conversation with comedian Elon James White for the release of Baratunde’s new book “How To Be Black.”

Baratunde is the digital editor of The Onion, a hilarious satirical newspaper online and offline.

“It’s funny and smart.  This speaking event is perfect for nerds like us!”  My friend said excitedly.  Well she was right.  I enjoyed it.

The best part is, I stepped to the mic to ask Baratunde to advise me on how to explain to other black people what it means when I as a sister.. listen to copious amounts of Garrison Keillor, a senior citizen, vaudeville radio satirist from Minnesota whose show A Prairie Home Companion is constantly in rotation at my house.

To my surprise, Baratunde is also a big huge PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION fan.

“No explanation necessary,” he said “your black friends should accept you for who you are..”

Indeed sir.

I bought the hardcover version of How To Be Black and waited to get it signed after the talk was over.  When it was my turn, I said

 ”Just write: Chevy is awesome…”

He did write that.  But as you can see in the photo attached to this post, he also wrote something along the lines of:

“…never tell an author what to write” in your book

Once a satirist always a satirist!  Thank you Baratunde.  I am enjoying the book!