This is a New track from Craig G. titled “Oh, Oh, Oh, It’s.”

I have a love for language which translates into the dissection of lyrics when I hear a song with a message.  My favorite part verse from this track is below:

“Fame kills. Ask Mike Jackson or even Whitney.  The pressure to produce pop hits will never get me.  Is it worth gaining the world to be losing yourself? until you all alone (and your albums don’t leave the shelf)? 
Nobody’s, calling you back.  They got you feelin’ worthless.  They make you forget, all of your accomplishments on purpose […] 
I’m still makin’ bangers.  Still touring the world.  Without videos of half naked girls …”

After listening to this, I am curious about what transpired surrounding Craig G’s contract and royalties from the days when he made the move from Cold Chillin’s imprint over to Atlantic records. 

Recently, I spoke with Planet 12 Law about how artists can move to protect their interests before signing contracts.  He said labels will stop at nothing to relieve you of your right to make money from your music if you don’t study-up on the business behind the music (see TLC, Tony Braxton and others who went from big to broke).  From the sound of this song, Craig G lived through some serious career lessons at an early age (fourteen)?

I smell an interview.