‎”I mean, it was only two weeks ago when almost every white person I knew was tweeting about stopping a brutal African warlord from killing more innocent children. And they even took thirty minutes out of their busy schedules to watch a movie about dude. They bought t-shirts. Some bracelets. Even tweeted at Rihanna to take a stance. But, a 17 year old American kid is followed and then ultimately killed by a neighborhood vigilante who happens to be carrying a semi-automatic weapon and my white friends are quiet. Eerily quiet. Not even a trending topic for the young man.

– Michael Skolnik. (via surruhmac)

KONY2012 supporters can agree that a Black man in a foreign country is the “most evil” and needs to die, but can’t possibly be bothered to lift a finger for a young Black boy who’s life was taken away from him by a truly evil white man.


(via curiouslycool)