Holy Moly contains some of my favorite lines.  So I pulled some because I had the song on today:

I give you intimate details so you can get to know me.

Rap your way to the top but now it’s getting lonely.  Kids are hungry and you lookin’ like a steak from nick and tony’s.


Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning- I gotta tread water.


Head Up.  Eyes Open. I got my mind focused.


Too many good niggas die- it’s like a stop-loss.  Hood niggas ghetto like fried wings and hot sauce.  How you hard? The cops lettin’ 50-shots off.

Learn to master your speech and be eloquent.  Rappers keep peddling sweets.  The beats weaker than gelatin.  We used to kick up dust- now we settling.

Rest in peace to Harold Hunter.  The greatest from New York…