Bobbito Garcia is Doin’ It In The Park in His Latest Film

Doin It in The Park, a film by Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau traces the history of street basketball from its origin to the present. The film delves into women street ballers, legends of NY street ball courts, as well as the use of pick-up basketball leagues as a way to fight violence and steer inner city youth away from the lure of drugs.

The most touching part of the film is an interview with a youth prisoner. Sitting on a bench, the boy in no way resembles the hardened faces we see on prison TV shows. He softly describes the irresponsible behavior that landed him in a cage. His eyes sparkle only when he tells us about the importance of the prison pick-up basketball league.

“For a moment we are not prisoners. All that matters is the basketball game,” he says. And for a moment, sitting in the darkened MIST Harlem theater with Tony Touch, DJ Eclipse, Emir Lewis and Denise Greene- all that matters is this film.

Doin It In The Park is screening in the USA, South Africa, China and Latin America. I recommend you go see it with your family and friends. It is a film about the way in which this game touches all of us.

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