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Interview: Shannon Briggs on Growing Up Homeless, Fighting His Depression With Healthy Food & Bringing the Thrill Back to Heavyweight Boxing


What happened when I met up with Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs at a black-owned juice bar in Bed Stuy? Lots of laughs, lots of truths about the hardship of growing up homeless with depression, and–a few pleasant surprises! Watch my interview with the champ and follow me on Twitter and both of us on Instagram @Chevonmedia + @Cannon_Briggs! Be sure to check out Shannon’s website,, where you can get his signature shirts, hats, hoodies and more.



A Word Of Caution About Ginger Honey Lemon Remedies


Ginger root, honey and lemon teas are some of the most popular remedies for the common cold that I see on my social networks. People share various ways to make the drink. The prime ingredients are ginger root (grated), lemon or lime (squeezed) and honey.  After boiling the ginger and lemon juice in a small pot of water, strain it into a cup, stir in honey and sip your way to relief.

The last friend I gave this concoction to clutched his chest and said “I feel it working!” The ginger will be the first thing to hit you. It will make you feel very warm. The lemon breaks up mucous, helps you flush out toxins and supports a balanced pH.  But what about the honey?

Like many of you, I am not happy when toxins are hidden in foods that most of us deem healthy. It is frustrating trying to keep up with what’s in what! However, I’m your buddy on this journey. It seems the medicinal properties of honey are more acutely felt if the honey is raw. Raw honey has not been processed with heat. It is thought to have increased potency. Raw honey is marked by a thicker, more opaque consistency than the golden, (almost runny) honey we typically see on store shelves. I now use raw honey for wellness recipes. I get the full impact.




Wu-Tang Member Tells PETA About His Vegan Eating Habits

masta-killa-vegan-peta Masta Killa is all grown up and he is using his notoriety to encourage others to show compassion to animals by not eating meat. In his recent campaign message for PETA, Masta Killa talks about the way he was raised and introduces viewers to his son, Eternal. My favorite part of the video is the tone of his voice. It’s so polite. I wondered if he could keep it up, but he does! Sounds like Wu-Tang Clan is still for the children.  Watch Masta Killa’s PETA video below.


Chevon’s Juicy Details: Parsley, Kale & Blueberry Green Juice Recipe

People ask me what I put in my green juices, so I have decided to start sharing my ingredient lists.  Most recently, I used parsley in a new recipe. Parsley comes in different varieties, but the two most popular types are curly parsley and flat (also called Italian) parsley.

The herb, now frequently sprinkled atop soups and meat dishes, was historically chewed to freshen breath. It’s also the main ingredient in tabbouleh, a traditional Middle Eastern salad and is widely used in diabetic-friendly recipes for its ability to lower blood sugar. The benefits are a joy to read about because parsley is so easy to find.

Although many people use parsley as a garnish, I keep parsley on hand for to add to my green juice recipes. Juicing parsley releases vitamins K, A and C. According to the National Institute of Health, parsley also has antimicrobial effects that can help keep yeast  from overpopulating in the digestive tract. Parsley is also an anti-carcinogen, a potent diuretic and should not be juiced in large quantities daily. Just a little will do the job for a while!

Pick an organic version of parsley, if you can find it. Before juicing, remember to check with your physician if you are pregnant. Pregnant women have special needs and should always consult their doctor before embarking on a juice diet or adding an unfamiliar food to their plate.

Here is the juice blend I made with parsley.  This recipe makes about four 8 ounce glasses of juice (if you want to share), or 2 tall tumblers full.

You’ll need:

  • a juicer (some prefer a blender)
  • vinegar
  • 1 fistful of parsley
  • 2 yellow Bananas
  • 1 bag of celery
  • 1 small carton of organic blueberries
  • 1 handful of pineapple chunks
  • 1 small bunch of organic kale

First, set up your juicer or blender. If it is a juicer like mine,  here is a tip for faster cleanup:
Line the catchment bin with a grocery store bag to catch all of the ground up remains of the fruits and vegetables. That way, you can just toss out the bag when you are done instead of scrubbing the bin.


Place a large bowl in your sink.  Turn the faucet on and let it run until the bowl is 3/4 full.  Tip two splashes of vinegar into the bowl and swish the water around with your hand. One by one, rinse your parsley, celery, blueberries,and kale in the bowl.

Snap the larger vegetables with your fingers. Pop them into your juicer (saving the banana’s for last since they can coat the blades). Juice on medium speed. Stir your juice, pour over ice and enjoy!

I’ll be sure to share more Juicy Details, soon.



Lifestyle Coaching

“In what areas can coaching help me?”

Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle can involve many things including making changes to the way we eat, drink, think, sleep and exercise. My judgement-free consultations help clients make sustainable progress toward  their goal for a more well-rounded existence.

Achieving healthier interpersonal relationships is the goal of this type of session. Building self-esteem, facilitating healthier communication between co-parenting adults, teaching the art of self preservation, and providing guidance in setting up personal boundaries so as not to be used or abused by family or friends are some of the ways in which one-on-one coaching can be the catalyst to realigning your relationship goals to benefit the number one priority – you.”

At a career crossroads, the right conversations can mean the difference between going for a dream or giving up on a dream. Take advantage of one-to-one coaching sessions to provide career insights, information, resources and action plans to help you negotiate a deal, justify a raise, setup a new way to work, update a resume, sharpen up a cover letter, pursue a new venture or get your foot in the door of a new industry.

What are the coaching fees?

Streamlined Coaching Session

Perfect for self-starters whose funds are best directed toward concise, targeted sessions on an as-needed basis.  Beneficial for those who come to a call prepared to discuss a specific timely issue and can act quickly and independently on action items when given a kickstart and direction.

Streamlined Coaching Session Includes:

  • One-to-one guidance
  • One 40 minute phone session
  • Plus, a post-call email roundup w/notes & action items
  • All at $120 per session

Precision Coaching Package

Beneficial for people who want to make lasting, incremental changes in career, habits, behavior or relationships over time and prefer the ability to gain insight and leverage resources over the course of a month by both phone and email.

Precision Coaching Package Includes:

  • One-to-one guidance
  • Four scheduled 40 minute phone sessions
  • Post-call email roundup w/notes & action items
  • Between-session support via email (for sharing progress and getting fast feedback as things move along for you).
  • All at $250 per month

To get started, contact me with the name of the package you desire and the goal you wish to work on.