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Interview: Shannon Briggs on Growing Up Homeless, Fighting His Depression With Healthy Food & Bringing the Thrill Back to Heavyweight Boxing


What happened when I met up with Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs at a black-owned juice bar in Bed Stuy? Lots of laughs, lots of truths about the hardship of growing up homeless with depression, and–a few pleasant surprises! Watch my interview with the champ and follow me on Twitter and both of us on Instagram @Chevonmedia + @Cannon_Briggs! Be sure to check out Shannon’s website,, where you can get his signature shirts, hats, hoodies and more.



Rollerskating Meets Health Food in the Heart of Brooklyn at Mind Body and Roll


Mind Body and Roll! is a pop-up roller skating rink and alternative health and wellness party set to appear at Brooklyn Fire Proof on Saturday, August 10, 2013. The party is FREE and open to all ages from 3pm-8pm. After 8pm, the venue is 21+ with a $10 cover. There is FREE evening entry with RSVP BEFORE 11PM to

You can bring your own skates or take advantage of $10 skate rentals. There will be Wellness Talks, Skating Lessons, Dance Workshops, Raffles & Giveaways. Check out the address and schedule below.


BROOKLYN FIRE PROOF | 119 Ingraham Street | btwn Porter & Knickerbocker | 2 Blocks NE of Morgan L Stop


  • 3:00PM SKATING LESSONS | By SkateTruck NYC
  • 4:00PM Eating for Energy | Finding Energy From The Foods You Eat By Intergrated Nutrion Certified Health Coach Lucy Chen
  • 5:00PM Know Your Rights | From Dealing With Police to Starting Your Own Business By NYU Law Student Jeffrey Silberman
  • 6:00PM MAXIMUM MUSCLE FUNCTION | Applied Kinesiologist and Chiropractor Dr. Brian Blatt/ Axis Chiropractic and Fitness Wizard, Bodywork Superhero John O’Mahoney/Body Art BK
  • 7:00PM SKATING LESSONS | By SkateTruck NYC
  • 8:00PM Gaga/PEOPLE | Gain Knowledge & Self-Awareness, Discover and Strengthen Our Engines Through MovementThrough Movement Class is open to everyone
  • 9:00PM Total Life Remix | Breathe for Energy by Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert Monica Aparicio
  • 10:00PM Rink Closes, House Music Dance Party Begins

You can bookmark the Facebook event page here.


Soul Food Junkies Film Tackles Our Sometimes Unhealthy Connection to Rich Survival Foods

SOUL FOOD JUNKIES – a Byron Hurt Film

I laughed and learned a lot during this film. Watch it with the family this January!

Filmmaker Byron Hurt looks at the past and future of soul food — from its roots in Western Africa, to its incarnation in the American South, to its presence in modern communities of color. 

Soul Food Junkies also looks at the socioeconomics of the modern American diet, and how the food industry profits from making calories cheap, but healthy options expensive and hard to find.


The Hood Health Handbook

How can you attain optimum health with minimum resources? This book shows us how, in plain English. Hood Health is an anthology of health experts from urban communities throughout the Americas, offering practical health solutions. Topics include diet, exercise, psychological wellness, reproductive health, environmental toxins, urban survival, and budgeting.

Black and Brown people in America are two to six times more likely to die from health-related complications than their white peers, even when you look at people whose income is the same. Why? What is happening in urban communities? And what can be done to change it? The answers are in this book.

The Hood Health Handbook is an COMPREHENSIVE source of information and insight on EVERY health issue faced by the urban community. In plain language, the authors draw on well-known examples from urban culture to illustrate what works…and what doesn’t. Focusing on natural and affordable alternatives to Western medicine, the authors provide recommendations that anyone can put to practice. Don’t wait to pick this book up until it’s too late.

Volume One focuses on the status of health in the urban community, the “wrong foods” that make us unhealthy, the history of diet and healthcare among Black and brown people (focusing on how things changed for the worst), the diseases and illnesses that plague our communities, and holistic (natural) methods to heal and treat ourselves into wellness.

Hood Health Handbook Audio Snippets

Video snippets, below


New Movie Stirs Up Weighty Debate About Soul Food, Sodas and Health

Filmmaker Byron Hurt has managed to make a documentary about how his soul-food-loving father died of pancreatic cancer and at the same time how America is battling obesity and weight-related diseases. “Soul Food Junkies,” a 65-minute journey through the origins of America’s love of fatty food, was prescreened this week at a theater at Lincoln Center in New York.

Read more, via Wall St. Journal:

Adjua Styles ‘Ethereal Hike’ book just might lighten your emotional load

When I received Adjua Styles new book The Ethereal Hike in the mail, I cracked it open with a mix of excitement and a tiny bit of apprehension. I knew the book would be about her life, family ties, and trying to come out on the other side of all things that can challenge you in life, especially — loss. And as a child of two west indian families, I’ve been working through all of the challenges of having a parent die in the midst of some challenging family dynamics that made everything even harder to take.

I was nervous about what feelings the book might bring up for me. But I plunged in. Well. I got less than 2 chapters in before I abruptly closed the book, placed it on my shelf and walked away from it. It felt like one of those sequences in cartoons where you’re the only one nude, giving a speech in front of a bunch of clothed people. It felt like I was reading something all too familiar, and I felt kinda seen, and kinda naked.

The next day I made some tea and cracked the book again. This time I took deep breaths whenever a chapter felt familiar or heavy. I laughed at the humorous moments. I made it through the book in one evening!

I felt like it was a lot to take in, but a very important read about the life and times of a caribbean, woman, growing up in new york city, making her way with less guidance than she would have liked and less of the motherly connection than she would have wanted with her own parent.

Later she was experiencing the joy of parenthood, the challenges of how to be the parent you want to be, while learning who your children might need you to be, and who you are to yourself–even as life requires your small parts of your identity to grow and change over time.

I think this book is a great read for EVERYONE but also: If you are like me and have Jamaican, Panamanian, Antiguan (or other Caribbean / island roots), OR you grew up in NYC during the 80 Blocks From Tiffanys / Bronx is Burning period in the city’s history, or you have experienced difficult familial relationships, strained parental relationships, challenges in Co-Parenting, challenges over people exhibiting antiblackness against you, mental + physical health challenges, grief, self esteem issues, or even if you just happen to learn well from mistakes of others — get this book.

The next day I went to the nail salon — which is part of me trying to focus on self care & Joy As Resistance. I didn’t have a plan for my nail design so I sat down and chatted with the two Latina women who were going to do them. I said how about pre-valentines nails? Give me the colors of those godawful candyhearts we used to eat.

As we collaborated to create a fun look, I thought about the music I played on #tidal that day asked them to make these nails a love letter to black women’s pop musical joy. I asked for names like: Rihanna (a caribbean struggle-to-joy story in it’s own right), Meg the Stallion (a tall girl’s delight with all the wily lyricism & sexual agency that goes with it), Lizzo (who reminds me of a gorgeous cousin of mine in all her bold confidence), and Normani (who faced down antiblack racism in her group, and has come back with a bang as a solo artist).

Finally the nails were finished. I wriggled my fingers looking at them, and thought about the book I read the night before. And how, like the pop stars on my nails, (& like so many of us women), the author of that book #AdjuaStyles, had gone through a LOT as a black woman, and still kept her head high. From the antiblackness I’ve seen ppl throw at her, to the remaking of her self with different career talents. to surviving loss.

She may not be a pop star, but she was just as much on my mind in that moment. I mentioned the book to the #nailtechs. Do you think I should add her name or is that weird. “Omg how inspiring. ADD HER NAME,” they said. And I’ve been enjoying these pre- Vday, #blackgirlmagic nails for days now. ❤️

TO PURCHASE Adjua’s book visit barnes and noble here or


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