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The ‘SOLE‘ Drive

There are 2.2 billion children in the world, and 1 billion live in poverty. Soles4Souls estimated that 300 million children lack a pair of adequate shoes. 

According to the EPA, Americans threw away approximately 790,000 tons of footwear and apparel in 2010.

As the NYC ambassador for the Sole Drive, I personally invite you to bring a pair of shoes to Community 54 at 54 Clinton street on the Lower East Side as a donation.  

Bare feet lead to diseases. Soil transmitted parasites –Hookworm, whipworm and roundworm afflict 740 million people a year, including 44 million pregnant women. Effects include low birth weights, malnutrition, and anemia.

The Goal: Raise 20,000 pairs of new or used shoes to be donated to 20 select organizations around the world for disbursement to those experiencing poverty and financial hardship worldwide !!  

Donation Dropoff point for footwear:


Community 54
54 Clinton St
New York, NY 10002, USA

Thanks and spread Love!



Central Park 5: New Film On How Police Abuse, Media Frenzy Led to Jailing Innocent Teens 2/2

An explosive new documentary looks at a case once referred to as “the crime of the century”: the Central Park Five. Many people have heard about the case — but far too few know that innocent men were imprisoned as a result. The film tells the story of how five black and Latino teenagers were arrested in 1989 for beating and raping a white woman in New York City’s Central Park.

Media coverage at the time portrayed the teens as guilty, and used racially coded terms like “wolf pack” to refer to the group of boys accused in the attack. Donald Trump took out full-page ads in four city newspapers calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty so they could be executed. However, the convictions of the five were vacated in 2002 when the real rapist came forward and confessed to the crime, after the five defendants had already served sentences of almost seven to 13 years.

New York City is refusing to settle a decade-long civil lawsuit brought by the men. And now, lawyers for the city are seeking access to footage gathered for the new film. We speak to one of the Central Park five, Raymond Santana, filmmaker Sarah Burns, and journalist Natalie Byfield.


Modern wheat a “perfect, chronic poison,” doctor says (news via CBS)

Modern wheat a “perfect, chronic poison,” doctor says (news via CBS)


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