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Jumped up to catch a limb and climb the trees. Didn’t even scuff the Jordan 3s


Jordans. In magic colors.



19 years ago today, September 28, 1993….


A movie in which Large Pro plays a traveling Physician who helps a little girl with a very big problem.  This young lady is a talented actress.  Click play and laugh along with me.  Then give him and her awards for their portrayals of doctor and patient.  Hand Mr. Gensu Dean a bundle for a wonderful soundtrack to the film.


“Forever (feat. Large Professor)” from Gensu Dean’s debut album “Lo-Fi Fingahz”. Directed by Calvan Fowler for DayDream Film Works. 2012.

available @ itunes now!

Electric blue vinyl edition: Gensu Dean “Lo-Fi Finghaz”

Deluxe Compact Disc Version


Mobile Mondays 1-year Anniversary featuring Just Blaze, Large Pro, Chairman Mao, Boogie Blind, DJ Scratch and more!


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