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Here’s a new song featuring my brotha J. Nolan produced by Bugseed

Check this new joint I did with the homie Mac L, called “Rock The Mic.” He just released it a few hours ago. Let us know what you think of it! (sidenote: my next official single will be dropping verrrrry soon!)


DJ Akalepse set

on The Lunch Breaks Show

Hosted by Crazy Legs

When Crazy Legs reaches for a mixer on the kitchen counter, it’s a tossup whether he’ll be using it to blend beets or beats. His kitchen doubles as a studio for a weekday Webcast, “Lunch Breaks,” and tucked among the stove, refrigerator and cutting board are turntables, headphones and, yes, a digital mixer. Think of “Wayne’s World” meets the Food Network — with a funky beat.

Read the entire New York Times article here:



The necktie awards…  Gentlemen you have pizazz.  What other word describes a purple bow. 



Roy Hargrove explains:  Artists get paid to put up with the stress of travel, airport harassment by the TSA and terrible promoters.  That’s what artists really get paid for.  The hour an artist actually gets to play on stage?  That’s the fun part.

I found his words surprising… But we’ve seen artists hospitalized for exhaustion and heard them complain about treatment by the TSA and promoters so I imagine it can get difficult if music really is your full time gig.

Separately,  I’m really pleased with his attire in this video. 


Beatminerz and The X-Ecutioners


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