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Ace Reporter plays @RockwoodMusicNY tonight !! YES

I will preface this by admitting that I met Chris Snyder a few Years ago when i went to check his original BK Band (The States) at an indie rock show at a crazy bk warehouse type gig and the kid ROCKS. I don’t lie about music if I like it I like it- you know this. Now he’s being managed by a buddy of mine affiliated with audible. GO SEE THE SHOW if you’re in the mood to rock! You shan’t regret it and if you regret it – I owe you a beer sun. Aight? Cool. xoxo Chevy After a summer hiatus that involved nuptials (for Chris, not me) and new album recording, Ace Reporter is back for the first time. The next show is on 10/31 at Rockwood Music Hall – Ace will be hitting the stage at 10PM. Feel free to bring your homies and celebrate Halloween with us. Flier attached, and full details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=254355494610735



November 9, 2011

10pm-4am. Feat. DJ Tony Touch, Marley Marl, Ralph McDaniels, Eclipse, Doo Wop, Hek Tek, Melstarr, Timbo King and more! 21+. $15 w/ Zulu ID. $20 general.
Le Poisson Rouge 158 Bleeker St. NYC 10012   lepoissonrouge.com
Visit hopstop.com  for train/bus directions. UZN 38 Anniv

November 11, 2011

2pm at 125th St. & Lexington Ave. (by Pathmark) Harlem NYC. Come out and be a part of the solution. Please help and save our people. Volunteer to serve on our monthly fre food and clothes drive. Trains: 4 or 5 to 125th
or visit hopstop.com for best train/bus directions. UZN 38 Anniv.

November 12, 2011

ZULU-MANIA: NYC11pm-4am. Performances by King Kamanzi, PMD, Dinco D, Hakim Green, Lil Shams, Boogie Black, The Welfare Poets, Calle Cardona & DJ O’Incredible, Bisnelly La Loca Blue Room Therapy, Freedom Williams, G.E.D., Div. X. DJs GrandWizzard Theodore, Statik Selektah, 9th Wonder, DJ Tony Tone & Outlaw, DJ Finesse and DJ Mark Luv. $15 w/ Zulu ID. $20 general. Le Poisson Rouge 158 Bleeker St. New York NY 10012  lepoissonrouge.comor visit hopstop.com for best train/bus directions. UZN 38 Anniv.


I wore a t-shirt instead of a tie to work one day and allll day the office folks kept trying to pronounce the word and asked me if was my relative. LOL .. Oh tech startup people, how I love your hip hop knowledge..


Per @DremurMusic- I am donating @PublicAssembly/@Avid_Entmnt show proceeds to Occupy Wall Street winterizing.

after watching a a documentary about Capitalism at a friends get together which echoed the current events going on Zuccotti Park I personally opted to take this announcement in a different direction. A close friend of mine reminded me a few nights ago as an entertainer I have the power to rally the people for more than just coming out to shows and downloading new content.


All you have to do is come to Public Assembly October 30th at 7 pm and say my name. All proceeds will go towards buying blankets, sweaters, coats, camping bags, tooth paste, tooth brushes and other much needed necessities, can’t make it? cool I understand your busy that’s why I started an ONLINE DONATION CENTER with WEPay.com “Occupying The Dre(a)m” feel free to donate here and… If your uncomfortable with donating money I will be setting up 3 donation centers in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. You can donate warm items. This your chance to do SOMETHING because there is no time like the present and no present like the time. So once again I WILL DONATE 50% OF MY EARNINGS FROM MY PERFORMANCE ON OCTOBER 30TH, All you have to do is come to Public Assembly October 30th at 7 pm and say my name. Peace –Dremur (@DremurMusic)


Rugz D. Bewler x ChevonMedia in: “A night with TheDuder.” (Music by Nemo Achida).

Though chicks aren’t allowed in studio when Rugz is recording- bloggers are. Or at least I am. The privilege of being able to visit this particular artist resulted in this short video of my night with the man the myth the #Bewler. Check the duder (@RugzDBewler) out as he works with the goldenchild (producer) to lay a verse on @NemoAchida’s “BIG LIGHTS, DEEP SHADES” remix off the Goodbye Brooklyn EP.
Xoxo,  // Chevy



Woke up today and was happily greeted with the release of 2 new projects I played a little role in. Up top, we have Signif (super dope artist, female emcee) putting out here Embracing Rejection mixtape. We did a song together called “The Rebuttal,” it’s track number 8 on there. Very dope. And then one of the few people involved in the music industry that I know & respect, ms Fawn Nicole, put together a mixtape called UrbanLax Radio, vol. 6. It’s comprised of a bunch of talented artists such as CyHi The Prynce, Laws, GhostWridah, Neak…and J.NOLAN. Had to hype myself up for a sec. lol But yeah, there’s more people featured on the tape as well. My song is called “Cloud of Sunshine,” it’s track 12.

Signif, “Embracing Rejection”- http://signif.bandcamp.com/album/embracing-rejection

UrbanLax Radio, vol.6- http://www.datpiff.com/DJ-Pot-Urbanlax-Radio-Vol-6-FawnNicole-Takes-Over-mixtape.277363.html


Sacred Stitch says Loose lips sink ships. I think TEK of Smif-n-Wessun agrees;)


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