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As a woman of African and Caribbean descent, I am fully aware of my strength, beauty and intelligence. There is nothing anyone could ever say to detract from this inherent blessing I carry via the strength of my ancestral tree. I am too strong for mental slavery. Remember this should you ever meet me in person, dear readers.

Chevon Drew

I just met this strikingly beautiful woman! Owww. She was on the phone. I said Pardon the interruption miss. May I please take a photo of you while you continue your call. She said “yes, certainly.”

Guys. Try being polite when approaching a lady in the street. It worked for me. I got her number.


My coworker telling me about the brown-bag” beer he’s taking FROM the COMPANY fridge.. To DRINK ON HIS WAY HOME. #startupLife


Donald Robinson Cole Shouted when he saw me in the street today.  He is the man who directed Neek The Exotic and Large Professor’s video- “Guess Who.”

He was coming from A Brittany Campbell show. She’s at

It’s pop music I think. Anyway she handed me her music. I’m going to listen to it soon. I’m not done with the Cormega albums on my plate yet.


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