December 2010 archive

Um. Can you say De La Soul? Yea come see @RichMedina… It’s live in here at Le Poisson Rouge NYC.



Smirnoff is what happens when the Knicks come so close then miss free throws n lose to Miami .


Uncle Lou and DJ Clear at rock n soul’s holiday party… There’s a lotta scratching goin on in here


A record I should lift from a friend’s house. 

Would you blame me?


When the Knicks score, Large Professor throws up a black power fist and calmly says “yes.” He’s the calmest Knicks fan ever PLUS, he will BUY YOU COTTON CANDY.


Puma wore his Knicks Santa hat. Cheers. He is everyone’s favorite harlem hipster.  If hipsters were a thing in harlem.


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